A Write up about TCGM by Kurz Industrial Solutions

A Write up about TCGM by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Published: January 23rd, 2019

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Posted on August 20, 2018 by Kurz Industrial Solutions

A wind turbine is an amazing source of sustainable energy that requires specialized technicians to keep them going.

Not only must you know a lot about the technology itself, but you have to be a bit of a daredevil as well. Between the heights, the weather, and the swirling blades, danger is the name of the game. The Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys know all about this thrill-seeking lifestyle and have created a fraternity of sorts to highlight their unique skills.

Turbine Maintenance

The wind turbines themselves look pretty straightforward. Huge blades sitting on top of tall poles. Simple? No. Not simple at all. In fact, the sleek design of the turbines is a testament to the technology and the technicians who keep them working.

Because turbines are such a challenging piece of equipment, the technicians follow a strict planned maintenance routine. The parts must be kept lubricated and the electrical components must be inspected often so repairs can be made before a problem occurs.

When things start to break down it can turn into a costly endeavor that is typically avoidable through the use of turbine technicians, or as they call themselves, Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys.

Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys

It takes a special kind of technical expert to not only agree to work in the energy field, but to also do it 300 feet in the air. It’s the spirit of these technicians that led to the creation of www.tcgm.us, a website dedicated to these extraordinary people and their amazing job.

Neal Gyngard spent 10 years working on wind turbines. In 2012, he decided to create an online space where he and his fellow Grease Monkeys could share pictures from their unique vantage point and share news and information about the industry.

He went on to create and sell Tower Climbing Grease Monkey clothing and accessories as well as create a jobs page, where technicians in need of a job can find listings from companies all over the country.

Technicians With A Social Media Presence

We can all imagine that the Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys are a tight-knit group given the specialized nature of their jobs as well as the professionalism it requires to do the job well while being hundreds of feet off the ground. TCGM highlights these individuals by giving them a place to post pictures they’ve taken, experiences they’ve had, and significant moments in their lives.

One of TCGM’s Instagram followers posted a picture of his marriage proposal to his girlfriend on top of a wind turbine. Others post pictures of storms rolling in, beautiful sunsets, and even fireworks in the distance on the 4th of July.

Remarkably, it’s not uncommon to see the posters wearing their Tower Climbing Grease Monkey gear while they’re at it. The website, as well as their InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages, have allowed these amazing technicians not only to connect with each other but to create a community that reaches around the world.

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